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The Name Game
Dave Tyrrell, Vertex Intellectual Property Strategies Inc.

We have often been asked: "How was your company name selected and how was the logo created?" Before I launched Vertex Intellectual Property Strategies Inc., in 1998, I knew I needed to create a corporate identity. First of all, I needed to name the new business and secondly I needed to develop a logo. While I initially thought that this was a task that I could handle myself, I quickly realized that professional assistance would prove beneficial. I engaged Keith and Helen at Capstone Communications Group to provide the creative and objective input that I needed. You can see our logo, amongst others, on Capstone's website.

The first challenge was to select a company name that was memorable and contained an intellectual connection to the essence of the business, while at the same time meet the legal requirements such as not causing confusion with any existing business. With the 'memorable element' in mind, Keith, Helen and I brainstormed and developed a list of potential words and acronyms that could be used. We specifically were looking for a word that would create a favourable image and would be easy to remember. Amidst a plethora of possibilities, we gravitated towards Vertex. Vertex is defined as: (a) the highest point, apex, summit; (b) the points at which the sides of a triangle intersect; (c) the point of a triangle furthest from the base; (d) a point on a polyhedron common to three or more sides.

We felt that the upward thrust and the engineering context of Vertex, made it a good word to associate with the business consulting services related to innovative and engineering oriented technologies. We then added the descriptive words: Intellectual Property Strategies Inc. to fill out the name. Although this resulted in a rather lengthy name, it served the purpose of describing the nature of services that we would be providing as well as differentiating our business from approximately 50 other businesses that included Vertex in their corporate name.

The next challenge was to develop the logo. Keith and Helen came up with several options. I found the forward leaning angle with VERTEX in a "broken" font to be particularly appealing. The upward angle visually conveys the positive concept of advancement, and it also had a techie connotation. The broken font imparts the sense of putting pieces of a puzzle together. Helen came up with the colour combination, which turned out to be remarkably similar to the colours of my two cars.

Finally, we felt that a tagline highlighting our commitment to our clients' needs, was vital. After considering a number of options, "Helping You Profit From Technology and Know-How" was selected.

Developing a strong company name and creating an effective image helped launch the business, and positioned us in our prospects' minds as a legitimate partner in improving their bottom line.

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