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Software for Intellectual Asset Management


Vertex has developed a software package for the management of an organization's intellectual assets (IA). The Windows based program helps the user manage a complete range of IA information, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and industrial designs. A user friendly, menu driven interface enables the data to be readily entered and later accessed. The data can be sorted in many ways and output via a series of standard reports. Custom report generation is also possible. Relevant document files, such as license agreements and patents can be linked to the appropriate records in the database. Access to the records can be controlled, so that the IP manager can determine who is able to view the documents or write to the database.


The software promotes a better company wide understanding of the organization's intellectual assets by making necessary information readily available to the appropriate personnel. As a result, wider use of existing intellectual assets within the business is encouraged. Licensing opportunities are more readily identified, as are infringers. In addition, the management of trade secrets is facilitated and potentially patentable inventions are more readily identified.

The information provided by the software facilitates the management of patent maintenance decisions, thereby helping to optimize the investment in patents and improve budgeting. And the risk of missing renewal dates is reduced. The management reports provide a sound basis for IA management and the strategic planning process.

Depending on customer requirements, Vertex can provide a base system or a one with customized upgrades. Vertex can install the software and transfer any existing data to the system. Clients may have an interest in this software package in conjunction with an analysis and valuation of their intellectual assets.


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