Case Study 12

Technology & Invention Commercialization Programs

Inventor Licensing of Patented Product

The Situation
An inventor, Mr. GreenThumb, had patented and developed a prototype of a unique and versatile gardening tool that would save time for professional gardeners and homeowners alike. The inventor realized that in order for his product to be brought to market, he needed to find a commercialization partner or licensee. He retained Vertex to assist in the development and implementation of a licensing program.

The Challenge
GreenThumb was faced the challenge of addressing the following questions:

The Solution
Vertex studied the marketplace and gained an appreciation of: Based on Vertex's analysis of this information and an understanding of GreenThumb's, personal objectives, Vertex developed a licensing strategy and business plan in close consultation with GreenThumb.

The Result

Acting on Vertex's recommendations, and with our assistance, GreenThumb is in the process of negotiating a license agreement with the businesses identified by Vertex.

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