Case Study 4

Licensing Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Identifying new opportunities for computer software development, and understanding the potential benefits and ramifications of licensing

The Situation
A government department, TaxMoney@Work, (TM@W) had developed and launched a computer software to manage relationships with it constituents. The development of its own client relationship management system was necessitated because a suitable system was not commercially available. The government department believed that there might be an opportunity to license their system to other government agencies, thereby enabling the recovery of development expenses and perhaps the generation of funds for other initiatives.

The Challenge
In order to assess the potential of licensing, TM@W needed to gain an understanding of:

The Solution
To assist the TM@W with assessing the licensing potential for their proprietary custom software, Vertex first gained an in-depth understanding of the product that had been developed. Extensive market research was needed to gain an understanding of the client relationship management challenges that existed in other organizations and the key features of TM@W's system that would be attractive to other potential users. Vertex developed a commercialization approach for TM@W and provided advice regarding about the implications of undertaking a licensing program.

The Result
Armed with an understanding of:

TM@W was able to make an informed decision regarding the feasibility of pursuing a licensing program.

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