Case Study 6

Technology Acquisition and Development Assistance

Acquiring university technology

The Situation
A small business, Acquisitive Inc., that manufactured a niche hardware product used in commercial and industrial buildings, identified an emerging technology that was available from a university which would enhance the value of its products.

The Challenge
In order for Acquisitive to obtain access to this technology so that it could be effectively employed, it was necessary both to negotiate a license for the technology and to engage the university professors to undertake additional technology development.

The Solution
In order to provide business guidance to its client, Vertex first gained a full appreciation of the technology ownership situation. This included:

Secondly, it was necessary to gain an appreciation for the specific elements of the research that needed to be developed in order to create technology applicable to Acquisitive's business.

The Result
Acquisitive was able to effectively navigate through many complex and contentious intellectual property ownership issues and determine what needed to be developed to meet its business needs.

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