Case Study 7

Technology Acquisition and Development Assistance

Focusing technology development toward lucrative opportunities

The Situation
A university professor, Mr. Intellect, had invented a metals processing technology improvement to that was believed to be of value in a variety of applications. Additional funding and commercialization partners were required in order to support and guide further development of the technology.

The Challenge
Twelve widely-different potential end-use applications for the technology were identified. Each required the technology development to focus on different and loosely defined performance objectives. In addition, the market potential for each of the possible opportunities was not clear.

The Solution
Vertex worked with Intellect to clearly identify and define all potential applications for the technology under development. Preliminary market attractiveness assessments for twelve end-use applications were made. The three applications with the best potential were identified and recommended for further development.

The Result
Intellect was able to focus further technology developments in the most lucrative direction. In addition, a commercialization partner and industrial funding was secured to further fund Intellect's future work.

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