Case Study 9

Training Programs

Intellectual Property and Licensing Workshop

The Situation
A not-for-profit organization, WeServeOurMembers (WSOM), recognized that many of its constitutes had a desire and a need to learn about intellectual property protection and strategies for commercialization their technologies. One of the roles of WSOM was to provide training programs to its members and as a member outreach activity WSOM was not enamoured with the typical "talking head" presentation format generally used in workshop and seminar programs. They felt that this approach resulted in information overload for the attendees and an ineffective learning experience. WSOM wished to have a highly effective learning workshop on Intellectual Property and Licensing, developed.

The Challenge
WSOM strongly believed that a program specifically designed to engage mature students to discuss relevant issues in a workshop style format, would provide the most effective learning experience for the participants. WSOM required that the workshop program never have more than 15 minutes of speaker presentation between group exercises.

The Solution
Drawing on its extensive business case experiences, Vertex developed a highly interactive full-day workshop program that continually engaged the participants to discuss intellectual property and licensing issues in small groups. A major case study was created for group analysis and presentations. In addition to providing the participants with a basic understanding of intellectual property and the licensing discipline and reinforcing this learning experience with discussion exercises, useful relevant handout material was provided to the attendees.

The Result
A unique business orientated program, which was suitable for both technical and non-technical personnel, and which addressed legal issues from a business prospective was developed and presented by Vertex. The program had many interactive components that maintained a high level of interest and involvement of the participants. Vertex's workshop presentations were extremely well received and highly praised and both WSOM and Vertex were most pleased with overwhelming positive participant feedback.

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