The underlying goal of any corporate intellectual property management program is to utilize the intellectual property assets to the maximum, in order to contribute to profits and provide shareholder value.

Steps Involved
There are five basic steps involved with the development and implementation of a corporate intellectual property management program:

  1. Identification - Intellectual property assets are identified and cataloged.
  2. Protection - Appropriate methods for intellectual property asset protection are selected for each component of intellectual property.
  3. Development - Intellectual property and technology gaps are identified and a plan to acquire the needed intellectual property/technology is developed and acted upon.
  4. Utilization - Alternative approaches to capitalizing on intellectual property assets are developed and assessed.
  5. Implementation - Attractive intellectual property utilization options are acted upon.

Some common elements of corporate IP management programs include:

  1. Identification, Cataloging, Inventorying of IP
  2. Processes for Patent and Trade Secret Strategy Selection
  3. IP/Proprietary Information Protection Procedures (Patents, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Know-How)
  4. Employment & Consulting Contracts and Agreements
  5. Corporate Invention Policy
  6. Nondisclosure Agreements - Implications and Policy
  7. Business Opportunity Identification
    • Licensing Out Opportunities
    • Licensing In Opportunities
    • Technology Acquisition

Benefits of corporate IP management programs include:

  1. Identification of new and lucrative business opportunities.
  2. Appropriate protection of currently identifies business opportunities.
  3. Assist management and address business situations or business ventures such as:
    • Sale of a business
    • Securing financing
    • Doing an IPO
    • Business acquisitions
    • Establishing strategic alliances
    • Licensing
  4. Enhanced shareholder value and improved profits.

See case study examples Acme Inc. and Beta Inc. to gain an appreciation for how an IP management program could benefit your business.

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