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Invention Commercialization Programs

The Challenge
As a business or an inventor with a promising product or technology that you desire to commercialize, you will need to know the answers to several questions.

How We Can Help
Vertex can assist you address these questions. We provide professional services on a fee-for-service basis. This can be done in three different ways:

Program A- Consultative Service (CS)
This service is for clients wishing to discuss their specific situation with respect to the commercialization or licensing of a product and to obtain some individual direction regarding the next steps in the invention commercialization process. A face-to-face meeting or alternatively a telephone conference with a Vertex representative may be the most appropriate first step. Our representative will meet with the inventor for 1 ½ to 2 hours to gain an understanding of the inventor's situation and to provide suggestions for the next steps which the inventor should consider. Vertex will then provide the client with a brief summary of the discussion (4 to 5 pages) with our conclusions and general recommendations for future actions.

Program B - Licensing Strategy Evaluation (LSE)
When businesses or inventors consider introducing new products or technologies to the marketplace, a licensing strategy may be identified as the preferred approach. In order to effectively license new products and technologies, the following issues need to be addressed.

Vertex's Licensing Strategy Evaluation study has been developed to assist businesses and inventors answer these questions.
After receiving information from the client, the study process begins with an initial meeting or conference call. Once we've reviewed the available information, we analyze the market related to the client's product or technology to assess the overall size and potential level interest. We will discretely contact industry representatives and potential licensees (if deemed appropriate) to obtain first-hand insights relating to the client's commercialization opportunity.

Based on our understanding of the client's particular situation, the market potential and the receptiveness of potential licensees, we produce a report of approximately 35 pages that presents the results of our investigations. Our report will include an examination of the critical factors that are known to influence successful licensing. The client's technology will be assessed using Vertex's licensing potential scale and a rating will be provided with suggestions for improving the attractiveness of the client's product or technology for licensing. Vertex's detailed conclusions and recommendations will be provided and potential licensees will be identified.

Upon delivery of the report, we will schedule a second face-to-face meeting or a arrange conference call to discuss any questions and help advise the client on the possible next steps.

To gain a better understanding of this service, please review our case studies . Mr. Handyman, Mr. GreenThumb , and Mr. Small.

Getting Started
Contact Vertex at 416-239-7779 or by fax at 416-239-5707 to have our Confidential Disclosure and Terms of Engagement document mailed or faxed to you. Alternatively, you can download a rich text format version of the form from our website. To engage our services, simply provide the information requested in this document and return it to Vertex.

Our fee schedule and estimates of the time to complete the reports for Programs A and B are given below. Our service fees are not based on hefty initial fees before the commercialization potential of the invention has been determined, nor are our fees based on a contingency / success basis. We provide an honest and professional view at a reasonable fixed fee to contribute to our client's success.
(See Inventorfraud )

Commercialization Assistance Programs Service Fees and Timing



Approximate Timing

Program A

Consultative Service

(plus GST)

1 week after scheduled meeting

Program B

Licensing Strategy Evaluation

(plus GST)

6 to 8 weeks from receipt of disclosure document



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