The purpose of this seminar is to:
  1. Provide the basis for identifying, protecting and capitalizing on intellectual property.
  2. Discuss the patenting process and procedures and technology management considerations as they relate to the licensing process.
  3. Furnish an awareness of the considerations, implications and values of technology licensing and the technology transfer process.
  4. Provide a process for identifying licensable technologies and for appreciating their ultimate value.
  5. Provide the framework for developing and implementing licensing business plans.
  6. Examine the license negotiation process and the components of a license agreement.
  7. Enable the enhancement of the value of a technology through effective intellectual property management and licensing.

The participants will be provided with the basics of intellectual property management and the licensing discipline. This seminar will help enable the participants to identify business situations where a licensing strategy could prove to be a valuable business option and when the input of a licensing executive or legal assistance would be beneficial. The seminar will help the participant with the identification an tapping of the often hidden value of their technology and know-how.

Intended Audience
This seminar is intended for:

Seminar Program

Topics of Discussion

1.    Introductions / Purpose of Seminar

2.    Terminology

3.    Patents - Business Considerations & Management

4.    Licensing Considerations & Technology Valuation

5.    Technology Valuation

6.    Components of a Licensing Agreement

7.    Licensing Executive Society Technology Transfer Video(s)

8.    Licensing Case Examples

9.    Developing a Licensing Business

10.   How to License-In Technology

11.   Summary of Important Points

12.   Discussion & Reference Material

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