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Workshops and Training Seminars

Vertex professionals have had considerable experience with training and development in the field of intellectual property and related subjects with both in-house and publicly offered programs. Perhaps one of the following programs would be suitable for an in-house session at your company. If you have a specific training need, a program can be customized to meet your requirements.

Past clients have found our in-house training sessions to be a cost-effective and time-efficient means to address their IP training needs. Our fee is often less that the cost of sending two or three people to a major training session or sending one person to an event where travel and hotel expenses quickly accumulate.

      Vertex Seminar Programs

•  IP Management and Licensing
While it is best to allocate a full day to this program, the ajenda can be compressed to allow most of the material to be covered in approximately four hours.

•  Profiting Through Intellectual Property Protection and Licensing
Full day program.

•  Establishing a Corporate IP Management Program
Three hours.

•  Market Research for Effective Technology Management
Three hours.


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