The Vertex Angle - Winter 2001

In the Winter 2001 issue of The Vertex Angle we asked the following question.

"What do all of these inventions have in common?
Can you match the invention with the year in which it was invented?"

 Invention  Year
 Windshield wipers  1903
 A dough product for frozen pizza  1960
 First disposable diaper  1908
 Drip coffee maker  1914
 First dishwasher  1951
 Dandruff shampoo  1982
 Portable hair dryer  1979
 Emulsified Rubber Asphalt  1962
 Bone Marrow Compatibility Test  1903

The Answer

The common element of all of these inventions is that the inventor was a woman. This is particularly interesting, since until the mid-20th century, woman inventors were uncommon. The inventors and the patent dates a given below.

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